Saturday, August 2, 2008







Dr. Robert said...

nice one..

big questions raised here..and I'm not just talking about the longboard dude..or the seagull.

check the last few seconds of the Serenghetti Bch Club..

"creatures of instinct,
helpless to change their destiny,
these Eternal enemies..will fight on..".

nice metaphor for the Thruster stranglehold on the surfing World at Large..the ASP, and associated Media hyena's...

Then of course, in comes ..Jah.. the Mighty
Lion..and the
the Alternative surf vehicle revolution..
as exemplified by the Bonzer Light Vehicle...and a few others.

Or, maybe not...

In any case..
love the blog..keep surfing, shaping,and living.

R.T. said...

dr. robert,

love hearing other peoples take on things. dig your translation— it's much higher level meaning than mine. yours is about opening hearts and minds. while mine is, admittedly, motivated by things a bit more narrow, less generous in scope:

when i posted, the seagulls/hyenas represented the portion of people in the weekend frenzy that don't seem to care for, or just don't know, the unwritten etiquette of the lineup. i so often see collisions occur because someone on the shoulder paddles and drops in without even thinking about looking for someone already up and riding, and to make matters worse the shoulder hopper just drops straight down crossing right in front of the person already up and riding. seeing those collisions always leaves me shaking my head in puzzled disbelief.

on one particularly frenzied day in the lineup, the guy in the pic looking at the carcass the seagulls/hyenas were all in a frenzy over, verbally expressed lionhearted disapproval of all the blind shoulder hoppers in the water. the seagulls all scattered from the carcass when he walked by.

another thing i was thinking about when posting is the summer-time weekend frenzy that goes on in the beach parking lots. the limited resource of parking spots and the people that think they can stand in, or put a beach chair in the last spot available to save it for someone that hasn't shown up yet. i just can't get with that and have unfortunately been having to arguably force my way into some of those "saved" parking spots lately. it's like... "i'm here, you're friend's not, i'm in a car, that's the last parking spot, i'm sorry but... beat it spot saver!" sometimes you've just got to nudge the person out of the spot as you slowly continue to edge your car in as they are telling you not to.


on a positive note, even in So.Cal there's still some empty lineups that can be found, and i'm learning to seek them out on the weekend— they just take a little more walking to get into. these spots are usually thought of as lesser quality waves, and often go overlooked, but if you enter with the right frame of mind and board choice the waves are there to be had and you end up feeling as if you've escaped into a whole other world even though it's right around the corner from the pack. especially nice when that fickle, uncrowded spot ends up turning on better than the packed one. just what the Dr. ordered!

thank you for your compliments. it means a lot coming from someone who's comments always reveal such a high quality of character as your own.


Dr. Robert said...

well, thanks for indulging my archetypal flights of fancy..

I do think the combo of stills and the primordial video was a bit o' brilliance..a commentary on the sometimes vicious social darwinism that gets played out in surfing, and especially at the crowded Sth Ca; summer time beach scene...

And , I have to give respect to the surfers who dwell in those environments and still maintain their humanity,stoke,and's beyond me how..but it's a great thing to see all the design curiosity, art work, and good surfing thats floating around the blogosphere from people like you,Warm Jet and the others..
all from the Heart of Babylon!

Thanks always,

positive coming in..and going out!

R.T. said...

it's funny, both northern and southern regions have very different challenges, yet all of which test mind/spirit.

i lived and surfed north of the golden gate for some years in the early 1990's— long enough to have big respect for all those outside of southern cal's easy access, easy weather, etc.

really stoked you're stoked on the some of the things goin' on down here in babylon. amidst the frustrations that can go along with surfing and living in, i'm very lucky.

like you said, "positive coming in..and going out!" —i just gotta feel through some fog in between clear headed coming and clear headed going sometimes.

peace from to you.