Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sensed a bit of Autumn in the air Tuesday & Wednesday— A couple of those gem days that land on the calender of one season, but really belong to the next season yet to come. Like the first two blips on the radar of transition and change.

Also, a couple days of pinner waves where slowing down and tuning into the simple elements and subtleties of nature was a reminder of how much more there is to surfing than swell alone.



kaser_one said...

nice lookin shoots

R.T. said...

muchos gracias, yoda.

warm jet said...

#5 muy bueno.
lookin forward to the new season.

R.T. said...

yo tambien.

Dr. Robert said...

the number #1 shot..

took a while to get through..

I think thats it!

beautiful,real, and heartbreaking.

we surf because we have to..
no matter what.

R.T. said...

it's #1 for me too. odd how a still photo can precipitate a feeling that might otherwise go unfelt when watching a scene play out in person. yes, we have to, no matter what!