Friday, August 15, 2008



Coastal, nocturnal, sand beetle of some sort. Daniel, would you happen to know the possible species name?


pranaglider said...

I have wondered the same thing.

My current theory is that these are the tracks cigerette butts make as they are blown around on the sand.

R.T. said...

hmmm... fair enough. i'll go with your theory of Grit Beetles unless Daniel says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Did someone call an ecologist?
A common "sand beetle" along the coast is the Darkling beetle (Coleoptera tenebrionidae), however the track of this beetle and generally all other beetles would include not only a body drag (like the type pictured) but also conspicuous foot prints on either side of the drag (google it). The absence of the foot prints combine with the VERY random pattern and abundance of debris supports Pranaglider's assessment.
Fun stuff.

R.T. said...

thanks for the quick assistance, Daniel. good call Prana— the magic of nature as it can only occur in so. cal!!!