Friday, August 8, 2008


The first three in a series I've been working on:
Empty Right


Broken Bone

All driftwood and other objects as found on beach, modified with the inner sides of security envelopes that are provided in never ending bills for sending payment.
Been intermittently working on the series for six or so months now. Takes a lot of sessions walking cross the beach for a surf before finding another piece that naturally lends itself to the project.


resintint said...


R.T. said...

thanks tons, fsacto! stoked it connects with you.

TDAW said...



R.T. said...

thanks, ty. lookin' forward to good shit over at surf-knot!

Patch said...


It's great when the found objects or ready made has that layer of undisguised yet modified look. The first thing I saw in the image titled 'Waterfall' was 'Our Lady of Guadalupe'. I really like the contrast of the ever ending bills payment envelopes against the slowly eroding driftwood. Duchamp would be proud.

R.T. said...

your words mean a lot, Patch! not wanting to limit the breath of other peoples interaction with each piece, i debated a bit over whether or not to give them representational names based on what i was interpreting/feeling from them. i'm glad that doing so didn't keep you from finding Our Lady of Guadalupe in Waterfall!

a special thing to me that you found Our Lady, she was my grandmother's favorite. she was full of spunk 'til the end, no subjects that were too taboo for her to discuss with us kids. she was also strong in her faith, and died in 2006 at the age of 90, on Dec. 12, oddly enough, the Feastday of Our Lady of Gaudalupe. of course Our Lady was the image used on the front of her funeral prayer card— pretty much exact version of the link you added.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Empty Rights!!!


R.T. said...

yeah, Push! POINTIN'!!!!! right on!

Patch said...

Hey, your welcome R.T.

Mick said...

These are great. I've been collecting flotsam for years and to see something where I go... "I wish I'd thought of that" makes me want to dig into it again.
Thanks RT.

R.T. said...

wow, thanks, Mick! i'm sure something epic will come out of you revisiting your collection.