Sunday, December 2, 2007

NINE LIGHTS 5'5" QUAD (In the works #2)

Got back into the shaping bay with Jeff today:

3/32" balsa panels are vacuum bag adhered to the deck and bottom of the shaped 1 lb. EPS core with epoxy (for deck support/strength there is one layer of 4oz. glass between the EPS and balsa deck panels; no glass between bottom panels and EPS).

Once epoxy has set the board is removed from vacuum bag and the excess balsa hanging off the rail is ground off to reclaim the smooth rail line for scribing tool.

The rails are then cut off along the scribed line and planed.

(Video camera running in these shots— I'm working on video documentation of Jeff's shaping process. It will post on the Nine Lights blog in a month or so)

The board is now ready to have balsa added to the rails, the rails turned, all foiling fine tuned, and then epoxy glass job.

I'll update with next session.


brownfish said...

Thanks for posting the process. I've done a ton of research on compsand boards, but the pictures that you posted really explain alot. Now, I finally get it and think I have all the steps down. These pics are by far the best I've seen that explain the process. Even after countless hours scouring Sways.

R.T. said...

right on brownfish! super stoked that the pics were able to fill some of the research gaps for you.