Monday, March 31, 2008


Thanks to Graham & Kim for throwing great party at the new Shelter location last Saturday. A true "mom & pop" shop with always an "all are welcome here" good vibe.



twinfin said...

There was definitely some shelter skelter going down on Saturday. Thanks for being a part of it man!!

23 Breaths said...

picture 4 all I can think of is the old elmer fudd line "quiet I'm hunting wabits". I think the image and quote needs to go on a tee shirt

R.T. said...

good one. i don't remember the last time i thought about old fudd. thanks for memory jog.

pranaglider said...

one of the great things about kids is spending millions of hours with them watching cartoons. PS works better when they are younger and can't wrestle the remote away from you