Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yesterday, Jeff "Copper Dove" Beck loggin' some little ones that were running along an inner jetty sand bank during a favorable tide.

Pretty small but lucking into the novelty of it made for the kind of carefree fun that makes one feel like a kid again.


jb said...


Daniel said...

I love sessions like that!

pranaglider said...

fun is where you find it

R.T. said...

paddled into a few after snapping photos— just laughing the whole time.

twinfin said...

hot doggin and bridge loggin!

Danimal said...

how fun is that little sandbar!

Did you make any through the bridge? Tony A. said he has surfed through both of em! Looks fun.

R.T. said...

danimal— up to the bridge, but not through it on day of the pics. tony's da man.

twin— lookin forward to 'hot doggin' get down on the 29th.

copperdove said...

That was such a fun session. Novelty waves are always great. Reminds of being a kid.