Saturday, March 15, 2008


Escaped Orange County to go pick up this custom Malcolm shaped Campbell Brothers 5-fin Bumblebee I ordered a few months ago. The volume is more foiled out then the standard Bumblebee, along with a 9" tail block as opposed to the usual 10". Malcolm nicknamed it the "Wafer Bee", Warm Jet is calling it the "Super Bee", and I've started calling it the "Mint Chip" even though it's not really too chippy.
5'11" • 14 1/4" • 20 5/8" • 15 1/2" • 2 1/4"
Glassed opaque with 3-step 4oz. deck, single 4oz. bottom, and 101's bamboo side runners.

On the way back home I stopped to paddle it into some blown-out, head high, brown waters. Though the above photos favor the lefts, I actually only got two. On the first, the M.Chip delivered the Bonzer overdrive. By the time I got my second, the wind was blowing too hard as a head-wind into the lefts... so hard in fact that if a board was allowed to lay flat on the water it was immediately scooped up by the wind and sent spiraling off into the air. So it became a session focussed on riding tail-wind rights on my backhand. It felt really good on my backhand— transitioned really smoothly from bottom turn to top, and seemed to just want to solidly follow whatever direction I pointed my leading shoulder. Can't wait to get it into something round.
Thanks Jet for letting me session your 5-fin Bee which prompted me to order the M.Chip, and Thank You especially to Malcolm!


warm jet said...

Welcome tribesman!
Soon to be the "barrel bee".

R.T. said...

thanks. lookin forward!

Danimal said...

that thing looks super fun. i have been pondering the acquisition of a bonzer recently. i think it is high time i ordered one...

R.T. said...

high time!

twinfin said...

its a great time! Congrats RT

pranaglider said...

Gee I hadn't even had time to compliment you on the last Nine Lights and you go a score a nice Bonzer! Sat morning before the wind came up was a blast!

Anonymous said...

loving those pics, looks like their moonlit with long exposure times. My custom MC5F is in process, can't wait.

kaser_one said...

nice whip young jedi

R.T. said...

thanks all.

yeah twin!

anon, the pics were 1/50 shutter speed under yard light. the board is trippy color that adds the the moonlight effect your talkin' about.

yep, prana. sat morn was a lotta fun where i surfed too. glad you got some.

k-1/yoda... 5-fin tube flogger!

warm jet said...

"toob flogger"!
I'm giggling.
Thanks i needed one.
I missed the "Yoda" handle change!
good stuffing.