Monday, March 10, 2008


My parents are remodeling the house I grew up in. The door to the bedroom I moved out of so many years ago finally got pulled off its hinges and given to me last night. At some point I had taped a bunch of pics, that didn't make it in to my photo albums, over the hallway side of the door to cover all the stickers I got sick of looking at when entering my room.
Immediately after getting the door last night I peeled off all the photos to reveal the original layer in all its chaotic glory.

A lot of the stickers are indiscriminate slap ons from grommet-hood— any free sticker from anyone or anywhere ended up on the door. But some are real jewels for jogging the memory bank, such as the "Sidewalk Surfer" skate shop sticker, etc, etc.
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Danimal said...

Dang R.T., the stickered up door is classic! That is rad your parents saved it for you.

I loved stickers when I was a grom. Oh wait. I still do!

resintint said...

It's eerily similar to the "sticker door" in the house
that I grew up in too, but something that is missing
(and it might be a regional thing) is the
IN N' OUT BURGER sticker with the B and the R
cut out of burger making it IN N' OUT URGE.
Ah to be young again...

R.T. said...

yeah, danimal, thanks... gotta hand it to my parents.

hip to the bURGEr alteration, and it's funny that you mention in'n'out 'cause the last time i ate red meat was an in'n'out burger sometime around 1987 or '88.

pranaglider said...

I'm not sure whether to approach it as an art piece or as a late 20 century archeological find... Great piece , good on your mom and dad for saving it.

R.T. said...

thanks, prana-g.