Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I altered this Last Action Hero movie soundtrack tape cassette cover back when Arnold was first elected head honcho of the Golden State. A bit dated with the Bustamante incorporation, but still worth posting as people start talking about state beach closures and lifeguard layoffs.
Yesterday a good friend told me that our local beach is on the list of possible closures. Later while checking the surf there I asked one of the state beach employees what she knew. All she could say was, "Yes, it's on the list of possible closures, but there's no confirmation of when, or if it will even really happen to it."
By the high number of $ummer visitors this particular beach gets, I doubt it will end up being closed. But, while I really don't wish layoffs on anyone, the thought of Summers without the hoards (plus a likely year round thinning of the lineup) has got my selfish side in a "Whatever happens, happens..." attitude about a closure at the beach I grew up on. Not to oversimplify the issue, but... If it doesn't close I'll be super stoked for the folks that keep their jobs, if it does close I'll find some stoke in getting back in the habit of riding my bike in. But like my good friend reminded me, "Gotta commit to one board... no decadent packing of the quiver, ready for any conditions on a bike." —Sounds like the days before I was board spoiled... back when I was a kid... back when public schools had more funding for music and art, etc...


warm jet said...

("Arnold Don't Surf....")
I can see them doing winter closures
of certain beaches to the south of the one you spoke of but it'll never happen to that certain one. If this did happen, the effect on other beaches would be devastating as these would pick up the slack of the rabid inbound beach-goers.
It's a tough call as I'm basically an inland beach-goer myself now but the no access version carries some selfish gratification for me.
I'd rather be denied access and not
surf a crowded trash-laden mess than let a lucky few have solace as well as not see the beach pillaged.
(plus I think I could find my way in)
The layoffs are another problem.
Won't happen anyway.

R.T. said...

yes, layoffs are a bummer. as far as closure goes... the winter/seasonal closure thing you speak of sounds like more of a possibility.

i can picture you spending nights tunneling yourself into anywhere!

Danimal said...

"Gotta commit to one board... no decadent packing of the quiver, ready for any conditions on a bike."


seasonal closure seems like the most likely possibility.

Danny said...

I think everyone here has a fish, that will cover just about all conditions if you can only carry in one board.

twinfin said...

As RT and I discussed the other day, a fish or a log would handle most..

With the amount of money that appears to be coming into "that place" I would think this beach will be safe from the cut list but as RT says.. whatever happens, happens...

pranaglider said...

Too early to tell what will happen with the budget. I have been thinking of doing something historical regarding the changes these beaches have seen. I can cover everything from 62 forward. My dilemma is that while it might be interesting it might also draw additional attention. But I think that maybe cat is already out of the bag. Have to get over this cold first.

clayfin said...

the lottery was voted in all those years ago with the selling point to provide money for schools, what happened to all the funds?

This seems like a ploy to get us all primed to hike the fees again, as if $10 to get into San-O isn't crazy enough. If they close beaches I'd love to see what the locals do if they chain the lot at certain spots.

really cool photo btw

clayfin said...

bike photo I meant...

R.T. said...

thanks clayfin.

good question about the lottery. anyone out there know the answer?