Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally got in the water today after what felt like a long time. All the time spent indoors over the last week made me think of this scribbley piece I made some many years ago. I've always called it The Idiot. Probably passes as a self portrait from time to time.


brownfish said...

I don't get it. Could you please extrapolate.

Daniel said...

Great work!
Sadly, increasing disconnection from nature is all too real. Why do we need a channel for Discovery when there is a whole world waiting to be discovered right outside your door?!

Danimal said...


I have been land locked for far too long as well! hopefully i'll get out there tomorrow.

Patch said...

Immerse yourself. Great piece.

R.T. said...

thanks all. wish i had a photographer credit for the photo that the rough sketch is coupled with, but the book it was scanned from is buried deep in the garage.

brownfish, my original intent can't be described much better than how Daniel summarized it. I just catch myself being that idiot in front of the TV sometimes, and yeah maybe the wave conditions aren't great, but the whole world is going off outside! just a self critique in an effort to maintain a balance. peace.

eric said...

As they say..."kill your t.v." This is great r.t. Way more to life than what tv media leads us to believe.

Kirk said...

as per our conversation at Festivus- www.mackiesurfboards.com.au
it's the good stuff and thanks for showing up.

R.T. said...

thanks kirk! added it to my blog roll. festivus was a good time— glad i made it down there.

R.T. said...

and thanks eric. i watched the film "the science of sleep" recently. i liked the scene where one of the characters exclaims "this thing is brainwashing my weekend" and immediately sets forth to throw his TV away.