Friday, January 11, 2008


Are these things from outer space, or have I just been too long in my own little bubble? Anyone else out there have these towers at their local beach? Rumor has it they come complete with android lifeguards with automated laser beam eyes to disintegrate hardboards in the water during blackball.
All jokes aside, while my first instinct is to resist removing the simple old wood style towers I grew up with, I think I could actually get use to these new modules. They kinda remind me of some of the architecture of Antoni/o Gaudi.

The top of Gaudi's
Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain.
Casa Mila Photo: David Barnes


Chum said...

if they were silver i'd swear gehry had a hand in making them!

R.T. said...

good call.

twinfin said...

Man.. see what happens when you turn your back on the beach for a couple days? They move in with cruise missile launching ninja forts!

pranaglider said...

Arnold says he is cutting lifeguards at the state beachs as a cost cutting measure.
These are condo's that will go for 2.5 million.
And no, no you can't because they are all already sold to a group of foreign investors.

alphamale said...

I saw them this a.m. They sort of reminded me of the NASA lunar landing modules.

BTW, they've since been dragged (across pavement) to the winter nesting area for the old wood stations. I'm sure much of the protective galvanizing was worn off the bottom of the skids...oh well.

dick said...

Weeble warble dont they dont fall sideways

Erik Hakon Olson said...

ha! I like the Gaudi analogy.

R.T. said...

jeff beck also described the "cruise missile launching ninja forts" as lunar landing modules when he saw them yesterday. glad to hear my gaudi thought resonates a little.

and prana-g's comment has got me wondering...

with less lifeguards present on the state beaches this summer, will there be increased blackballs to compensate for the state's interpretation of "safety"?

warm jet said...

Seem kinda Bauhaus to me.
Pretty cool.
I like 'em.
It's just the prick that'll be inside that will ruin the effect.
Maybe if they made the lifeguards wear white paper chemical suits the look would be complete.

R.T. said...

to be sure it's not taken the wrong way, let me say... i'm in NO way, i repeat NO way, correlating the "prick" part of the comment to the comparison noted below,


can't help but to notice the humorous coincidence between the "proper" attire for "lunar landing module" personel and the 'gary stuber glassing' & 'man... or astro man?' photos mid-column of the surfysurfy january 6th post:


Ryan said...

hahaha thats awesome

Beach Bum said...

Hi there - being a member of a surf lifesaving club in the UK I am fascinated with these creations / towers - can you get me details of who the manufacturer is??? I'm really, really curious ...

Nice blog btw.

Cheers mate!

R.T. said...

cheers, i'll inquire at the beach headquarters for you.