Thursday, November 1, 2007


A quick edit of some super-8mm film footage I shot, sometime around 1998, while wandering through one of my favorite stretches of the California coast. These little creatures have intrigued me ever since i was a kid— how far back into the reaches of time have they been doing this?

Music by Gang Gang Dance.

Scientific info:


twinfin said...

yes indeed. even wee things glide on lesser bodies. glide on my friend!

R.T. said...

will do...

warm jet said...

You've entered blogland in a classy fashion my boy.
You'll be on the daily check for sure!!!
Now you're a slave to the blog as well!

R.T. said...

Thanks WJ!

Malcolm Johnson said...

dig your site, r.t.

hope all's well down the coast

R.T. said...

thanks malcolm! have definitely had some days to be extra thankful for so far this season on this end of the coast. hope things are well for all you hardy spirits of the north!