Thursday, November 15, 2007


There's been some healthy debate goin' on over at Cabinessence (today's "Outfoxed" post). While I can agree to disagree about differences in personal beliefs and opinions, it definitely got me fired up and made me want to share this illustration (artist unknown) that i came across in a public bathroom not too long ago— monkey see... monkey do.

click image for enlarged view.



twinfin said...

This image shares disturbing likeness and vibe with the album cover for Slayer's "South of Heaven" or a painting by Hieronymus Bosch and i dont mean this in the context of anything remotely rad..

R.T. said...

i hear ya twinfin!

warm jet said...

nice to see!
The 'healthy debate has gotten more so.
Beetle won't answer any Question and pops out comparisons like revolutionary war.
He's a waste of time.

R.T. said...

i've been keeping up on it since my 2nd comment there. it's totally mind boggling that some people have got the Bush so completely pulled over their eyes!

warm jet said...

Beetlejuice is a dead guy, remember?
He's got no real perspective on reality!
It's still going.
Now we'eve got 'em all flustered.