Saturday, November 3, 2007


Jeff Beck (a.k.a. Copper Dove), shaper of Nine Lights Surfboards, peeking out from behind his latest balsa wood over foam stick, glassed w/ epoxy— a 5'8" Twinzer set up.

Jeff and I grew up in North H.B. with Wil Jobson's "Dynamic Balance" boards being surfed around us by people such as Dan Woods (twinzer devotee who spent a lot of time with Wil). Thank you Wil for your invention and commitment to the design over the years.

Photo of the mysto Wil Jobson (looking the way I remember him when i'd see him at Spanners glassing shop in H.B. in the late '80's) ripped from:


robert rex said...

I had 4 of Wil's boards and would like to buy another, but lost him when he moved to Santa Cruz. Does anyone know how to contact him?

Curtis Havens said...


Wil is currently residing in Encinitas. You can email me at and I will
provide you with his contact number.

I just received a new twinzer from Wil, I currently have 11 of his twinzers in my quiver, 7'8" guns to
6'3". We used to surf together and co-own a Ranch boat back in the late 70's to early 80's.

I also own a number of excellent Al
Merrick's, none however, quite match up to Wil's twinzers.

Curtis Havens