Thursday, April 2, 2009

"IT'S 'LIDDLE', DAMMIT!" (Little Flight of the Cali Condor)


Ryan Conder, not "Condor", not on a "Little", laughing at mock speed, I mean, mach speed at the "Original Perfect" Mushburger (click to read caption).


Nigel S. Peppercock said...

Oh Surfline, you slay me.

warm jet said...

"WOW! That's a good pic.
WOW! so is this one!"
C'mon Allen, mix it up with a "golly gee"!

Worm said...

oh boy

Kirk said...

They can't spell Matt Kivlin's name either.

warm jet said...

don't be burnin' the bu as a mushburger obi wan. even though she ain't top to bottom, she's still a world class wave machine!
as far as mush... there's a certain wave i could bring up...but won't just cuz i know you did not mean any disrespect for her.
it could be taken the wrong way.

R.T. said...

ha! mushburger was used in context of the spirit of the post. i knew the "certain wave" would come up because of that word! it tickles me to hear you mention it! i readily admit that the "certain wave" you could, but won't bring up, takes the cake as the "original shitty mushburger"! cheers!

Kirk, Matt who...?

warm jet said...

just had to lay that out there as i'm sure others may get a negative ring from that too.
now, it's put to rest.
another note; with so many photogs there, i'm so surprised rc was not
in the journal somehow.
his riding is beyond all in it.
he's happy though cuz he's not a big photo whore. (like me)

R.T. said...

right on, yes, i feel so relieved to finally publicly admit i have a mushburger fetish, and that my insulting word class waves as "mushburgers" is purely a result of my suffering from mushburgphobia, which like homophobia, usually has something to do with a person actually being the very thing that he exhibits unwarranted hate for!

Q: what do you call getting tubed on a mushburger?

warm jet said...

in the closet.

R.T. said...

my original answer was: In 'n' Out Burger

but your answer is better.

Q: what do you call a really little mushburger?

warm jet said...

bolsa chica pequeña.

R.T. said...

your español serves you well, ese. pero, no.

This is not Ian said...

Damn it. Bill hit the shutter button the same time I did! grr