Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A lovely little quote from the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, "Begin by knowing you have already arrived." Below, Jeff "Copper Dove" Beck travels to the desired destination as he makes his way out on ancient beginnings...
...and arrives at the highly revered level of Pelecanus occidentalis.
When the ancients shaped the first surfboard, did they realize they were building a time machine? Time flies...
Alaia pictured, shaped by Copper Dove from Wegener
paulownia blank.


pranaglider said...

nice stuff RT

great composite shots

warm jet said...

You topped the previous one BIG TIME!
Really nice. Wonderful cheese.
Funny that you used the "Dove" in this one as you and the few of us older gents may remember, around the same period of the JLS book, there was another best seller called "Dove"
in '72. was a movie also.
Great book.

Different books yet both included forms of self discovery.

R.T. said...

Thanks, Jet & Prana-g.

i've definitely been havin' fun with the comedy/cheese factor that can be derived from JLS, and adding my extra squirt of 'Cheese-in-a-Can' by makin' up the affirmations that get layed into the photos. and on a serious note, the funny thing is... there's that side of me that takes the cheese seriously. as they say, "laughter is the best medicine!"

"Dove"— wasn't that a story about a teenager who solo voyaged the high seas on a sailboat of that name? i faintly remember the book cover, but never read it. thanks for the link, Jet. i'll check it.