Wednesday, September 24, 2008




Dr. Robert said...

poignant photograph..

a tribute really to those brave,but misguided ..souls..
who succumbed to the seductive, but frequently fatal siren call of that most cruel mistress:
the Sea.

what seemed at first to be just another go-out, a bit of a surf.. became instead a one way, permanent trip to a watery grave..Davy Jones Locker..leaving behind only their zori's,flip flops, and go-aheads behind, as mute testimony to a life that once was..but is no more.

a cautionary tale..and heavy stuff indeed Warbles.

(that is what you meant, right?).

R.T. said...

i'll go with that!'_Locker

This same Davy Jones, according to sailors, is the fiend that presides over all the evil spirits of the deep, and is often seen in various shapes, perching among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes, ship-wrecks, and other disasters to which sea-faring life is exposed, warning the devoted wretch of death and woe. ”

— Tobias Smollett, published in 1751 [2]
In the story Jones is described as having saucer eyes, three rows of teeth, horns, a tail, and blue smoke coming from his nostrils.[3]

R.T. said...

to be, or not to be confused with the Dow Jones Locker.