Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I happened to cross paths with The Gemologist today as I was suited up and walking from my car to the beach. I asked him about the rattler (as pictured in last week's photo above).
Dr. Robert's haunch was correct... Gem said he was taming and keeping it as a pet. Believe it, or not, he also said he was starting to be able to casually handle the rattler without a tight hold on it's head.
Unfortunately, a few days ago Gem spent five minutes too long scavenging (scavenging was his word) on some discarded food left at a table outside of a Starbucks. A cop showed up and gave him the shake down. Animal Control was called to the scene when the cop discovered the rattler. According to Gem, the A.C. officer killed the snake right then and there.
Whether Gem was right or wrong in trying to tame and keep a rattler captive, one thing was for certain while rapping with him today— he was bummed about the unnecessary killing of it.
Though bummed he still expressed optimism in his personality, and the last thing he said to me was, "Don't get burned brother, I can see you've got a lot of sunblock on."
Keep on Truckin' Gem!


kaser_one said...

i saw Gem yesterday morning when i was coming back from wedge. his rig was pulled over to the curb right infront of the Balboa Fire Station. Saw him chatting it up with the fire chief.

Danimal said...

You do wear a shitload of SPF. That's a good thing though.

Anonymous said...

Some bad karma headed that A.C. Officers way!

R.T. said...

k-1, Gem gets around, huh. he was in N.HB when i saw him.

danimal, spf... yeah, gotz ta keep me crazy bald head from peeling of me skull. but only s-screen without parabens— carcinogenic ingredient added to about 99% of all sunscreens out there. California Baby is the most natural brand i've found that rivals surf industry brands. actually i think CaBaby is the best working screen i've ever used. available at health food stores— Mother's Market, Whole Foods, etc. it's a little spendy but one tube goes a long long way... pennies per session.

anon, I try not to be a kharma judge— a heavy place to put myself in light of my own failings, but on your mention of the subject, i can't help from hearing these lyrics to pounding beat in my head,
"kharma-khamatic-kharma-instamatic-kharma-khamatic!!!" —Septic Death, Kichigai 7", 1988

...oh how i miss Zed Records!

corduroy jonz said...

thanks for the update RT. really nice. and a bit sad, but looking forward.

kaser_one said...

Zeds dead baby, Zeds dead


R.T. said...

Zed: Bring out the Gimp.
Maynard: But the Gimp's sleeping.
Zed: Well, I guess you better go and wake him up then.

come to think of it, you do kinda resemble bruce willis, k-1. maybe especially when gagged with your favorite orange ball and leather muzzle?

warm jet said...

i miss zed lp's.

warm jet said...

and, damn that coppa.
a sad story all around.
The law just won't cut an individual a break. Especially in the OC.
Yet see this similar story featuring
2 labs and a mayor.

E. Trine said...

Saw the Gemologist cruising over the 2nd street bridge in LB this morning on my way back from a surf...
That guy does get around...
Can't miss him with that hat.