Saturday, April 12, 2008


While driving I'll often pass by something photo worthy and shine turning around to get the shot. But today,
when I sped by this parade of kids, I couldn't help but to flip a u-ey.


warm jet said...

4 real?

R.T. said...

yep, a crack up huh!

kaser_one said...

heha! funny you should post. I almost always roll with the camera in the holster.

Speaking of which, I almost did the exact "u-ey" last week on Newport Blvd. by my house. In broad daylight, at a bus stop, 1/2 block from the po-po station, a mid/late-thirty something (not a bum) had a 40oz. full tilt, sans brown bag, naked brew, chugging away. I figured by the time I'd made it back around, he'd have that thing polished off...

R.T. said...

would have been a good shot, k-1.