Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Little does anyone know that Jack Sykes of Line Up Surfboards/Glassin' has a fume warped twin brother, Psycho Jack, that lives, eats, bathes (in acetone), and sleeps confined to the glassing bay. Seen here coveting the "Camel Toe" with his drawing of a basking shark on the deck that will be gone as soon as the hot-coat is sanded by Jeff Beck.


Parallel Universe said...

The Coinslot has come up beautiful. Can't wait to see photos and hear tall tales of your inaugural rides on it.
How do the flaps feel? They flex ok when loaded?
On my way to Indo with a slew of homemade, semi demented boards for the crew of 6'2 riding guys to shake their heads at - and for me to enjoy.
All the best

R.T. said...

thanks //universe!

i did try flexing one of the flaps with my hands yesterday. it did have a lot of flex compared to a stringered tail, and thankfully not flimsy under the limited amount of torque i was able to apply. time will tell! hopefully surfin' it tomorrow!

have a great time getting semi demented in indo!

twinfin said...

Vera Nice! I know its gone but you shoulda left smiley on there!

R.T. said...

yep, it's gone. but we can always tattoo smiley around your plumbers crack if you so desire.