Friday, May 1, 2009


We can all disagree all we want over disciplines and devotions that fall outside the realms of our individual belief systems/preferences, but the best versed theologians recognize an undeniably unifying thread between all books...


Ryan Conder, Thruster, Malibu, Spring 2009 (photo: Zamora).

Ryan Conder, Displacement Hull, Malibu, Spring 2009 (photo: Bill Parr).


jhall said...

Amen Preacher Man!

Spread that gospel!

Break out the asps and lets dance!

Kyle said...

well put RT. i actually was thinking thee exact same thing, once i saw the shot of ryan on the thruster a few days back. i've been told by many that conder is a true surf connoisseur, a quality approach to whatever equipment he chooses- this here proves it. a perfect layback and a stringer buried bottom turn, just great! :)

R.T. said...

Amen J,
though it's a toss up between breaking out the:

Anti-human SPleen Serum
or the
Acid Shock inducible ProteinS

Cheers Kyle.

warm jet said...

go daddy o go!!!!
switching it up is a must. very easy to get lazy and complacent on hulls.
i'm currently sucked in the vortex of hull pleasure and hoping to get out.
i certainly won't be showering the gods like that though!

the dirtiest hippy said...

good call, pretty impressive that he has mastered such (seemingly) opposing approaches, back foot and front foot surfing...

R.T. said...

a straight no chaser double shot of the Acid Shock inducible ProteinS right before paddle out and you're guaranteed to unlock the showering power within.

actually truth is...

everybody knows you already possess the power to achieve anything you set your mind to:

if all else fails, reboot with a smoke:

impressive, agreed.

Flying said...

rt, you forgot to say that swaping from a style/board/era to another makes us better surfers/tecnicians/persons.

i wish everybody could feel the same and do it.

great blog mister

warm jet said...
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