Tuesday, February 14, 2012




RORER 714 said...

a collector is a junk salesman.

pranaglider said...

Paul is the walrus

Anonymous said...

If Paul is the walrus, RT is the absolute Soy Cal riipper/artist.

On, and to all the the collectors?...

Butterfly collectors.



the roller

charliep said...

did someone just quote walter benjamin on a surf blog

holy shit

there is hope

by the way i don't collect chinese made volcom trunks, (or billabong or hurley or quiksilver or rvca)

those are better for the fancy flaneurs in wrap around shades of the fashion island as they take a break on their drive home to coto de caza

charliep said...

the only arcade richard woolcott and danny kwock play in is there exploited chinese republican capitalist skinny jeans