Friday, March 4, 2011

PORTRAIT: CHRIS DORSEY (Rest In Peace 3/3/2011)




Chris. August 1, 2010.

(January 4, 19?? - March 3, 2011)

dog lover
board shaper
fishing rod builder
grateful dead aficionado
with an affinity for baja/mex

crude joker
with an aptitude for calling marine species by their latin names

the groms called him captain caveman

a soft naive side some took advantage of
a rough dark
side some couldn't handle altogether
those that recognized his pure heart
that pulsed and shone through cracks in polluted layers of weathered years
will forever miss the uninhibited knee slappin' laughter of
a friend
a brother

god rest his soul



J.SMART FILMS... said...

I saw nothing but the light of an enthusiastic soul, shining bright for all who had eyes to see. A constant creator, continuing to grow and glow beyond the vail of this momentary life. Expanding. Taking flight, continually reborn, never dying, riding the waves of eternity evermore.

Pease and Blessing.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Ryan, We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your special, talented friend. May he rest in peace. God bless! Love, Cher and Steve

Dr. Robert said...

did not know the man, but sure felt like I could have after viewing and reading this beautiful story.
we should all have such wonderful friends in our lives..and I suspect,many of us do.
Rt,I bet your buddy is so stoked to see this..crack a brew, spark a whatever..and make a really crude joke, especially if the punch line involves the latin names for sea mammals.
we surf on.

Zack said...

A salty legend. He left this world on the same day my new little guy arrived. Gotta love the pioneers of surfing.

Deepest regards,

Tower 33 Grom

AFTA SHAKA said...

I remember the wind that blew him in the first time I seen him pull up at the beach, music blaring and laughter and talking. He place his boom box on the hood of his truck and walked to check out the surf. He was alone.
your a good friend RT

R.T. said...

THANK YOU John, Cher & Steve, Dr. Robert, Zack, and Afta for your kind words and support.

Zack, Congratulations on the arrival of your son! I hope we re-cross paths at 33.