Saturday, December 18, 2010





Kirk said...

someone's getting soup for Xmas dinner

R.T. said...

Yep... A roll of double snake eyes yields broth for Christmas.

ras said...

like stone soup - a little this, a little bit of that, some sarsaparilla and shazam!

when I was 15 my mum decided that Xmas break was the time to get my wisdom teeth pulled so as I wouldn't miss any school. instead I missed xmas dinner as I sipped ensure through chipmunk cheeks.

the only good part about that xmas was having my brother take me to my first rock concert. Soundgarden opening for Guns n Roses -1990 -so many topless girls for GnR.

pranaglider said...

Before I had my last "wisdom tooth" pulled the dentist had me watch a video that mentioned that wisdom teeth are so named because they normally appear at the "age of wisdom" 17-25 years of age. I was laughing so hard the nurse came in looked at me, checked the nozzle on the nitrous tank and walked out.

Anonymous said...

Tell us, who's are they?

Who had their wisdom teeth extracted from their wisdom dome?


R.T. said...

Not a bad trade.

Yeah... They should call them "Fuck-Up Teeth" for the age most prone to doing so.

They are Dr. Spocks!

Eef said...

that some voodoo right there :)