Friday, January 8, 2010

TEMPORAL COLLECTIONS (film update #001)

Temporal Collections...

In the General Vicinity of...
Tyler Warren.
Test sessioning one of his
self-shaped sub-5' boards
inspired by the
"White Pony".

Frame grabs by RT from the forthcoming film.


dogleg said...

really great shots.
nice to see him at a break with some juice.
really makes me feel old(but good) seeing this new school of 'young people' embracing the 'new evolution' of surfing.

Ed said...

gnarls sequence. beautiful. that thing hauls. can't wait to check your new film. the screen grabs look buttery.

R.T. said...

Thanks Dog. BTW... You ain't old... There's still new tricks in ya.

Stoked to read the words "beautiful" & "buttery" in your assessment.

AFTA SHAKA said...

Very cool,

Anonymous said...

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