Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Young Andrew "Droid" Doheny and his elder "Punker" Pat Towersey... both bred in Newps on Thrusters, and both with a healthy respect for one another.
Below are some frame-grabs, from a section of the film BS!, of them sessioning at Lower Trestles. Droid on two different Thrusters. Punker on two different Displacement Hulls. Good times shuckin' and jivin' off eachother:

Droid and Punker sharing a wave. Above, Droid's twisted mock of soul in the bottom turn. Below, Later on that same wave, Droid eating Punker's exhuast.

Punker, trim and some twisting of his own.

Above, Punker. Below, Droid.

Thruster fins free. D.Hull fin free.

Free BS! dvd will be in Surfing Mag on surf shop newstands September 22. BS! dvd fully loaded with extra features will be available in surf shops this November.

Post Script Notes/Links:
• Frame Grabs from footage shot by Matt Shuster.
• When asked "Best Style?", Droid's reply is "Old School."

• More shots of Punker on D.Hull at KP's Roundup: Link 1, Link 2.
• Defined:

BUST (1) v
1. vti to break something mechanical or electrical, or to cease operating properly (informal)
2. vti to break or damage something by hitting it or by subjecting it to a powerful impact, or to break in this way (informal)
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4. vt to mount a police raid, especially in connection with illegal drugs (slang)
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5. a disorganized party or celebration (informal)

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Encarta® World English Dictionary



warm jet said...

another great post and summary. I'm unsure whether this Doheny kid fits in with the new NEW school of 'open-eyed' kids but they both seem to be having fun and ripping.
Digging Pat's fin out BT.

Gaz said...

Great torque... Terry Fitz through the looking glass.......

R.T. said...

i dig Pat's fin free B-turn too... enough that i freeze-framed it in the movie.

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