Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here's a trailer for the film project that has kept me on a nuts schedule lately:


-July 23rd Newport Beach, CA @ Lido Theater
-July 28th San Diego, CA @ La Paloma Theater
-July 29th Hermosa Beach, CA @ Spyder Pier
-July 30th Santa Cruz, CA @ O'Neill
-July 31st San Luis Obispo, CA @ One Way Boardshop

-July 24th Lavallette, NJ @ Ocean Hut
-July 25th LBI, NJ @ Farias
-July 26th Ocean City, MD @ The Pirates Den
-July 27th Virginia Beach, VA @ Hotline
-July 28th Nags Head, NC @ OBBC
-July 30th Wrightsville Beach, NC @ Surf City
-July 31st Murrells Inlet, SC @ Village
-August 1st Daytona Beach, FL @ Maui Nix
-August 2nd Melbourne Beach, FL @ Da Kine Diego’s
-August 3rd Jupiter Beach, FL @ Ocean Magic

-August 1st Lahaina-Maui, Hi @ at the Volcom Store (Fr. Street)

-July 25th Aviones, PR @ Willito's Pinchos


pranaglider said...

GD said you've been busy. Looking forward to see the fruits of your labors. I've keep meaning to drop you a line but I don't think you've missed much.

Danimal said...

Alright RT. Get back to blogging. I've been starving for content lately. I don't think I have seen you at Bolsa in months either.

R.T. said...

good to hear from you both. yeah, the editing schedule has kept me high and dry for 2 months... on the Bright Side... it allowed for a knee injury of mine to properly heal... at least i think it's healed... knock on wood editing desk.

resintint said...

Lovin' this RT!!
Soo good.

Bogus said...

holy batman!

R.T. said...

rad! big thanks francisco!

holy guacamole bogus!

Flying said...

wouaw that teaser is a killer rt.
as always, writting from europe it should be complicated to get a full version when it's out though ...

R.T. said...


stoked you like the teaser. "BS!" will be available on iTUNES on August 3rd... so even in Europe the flick will be a piece of shit... i mean, a piece of cake to get.


Flying said...

lol. great !
your online for some european promo on our blog.

captian blackstoke said...

that west is due tomorrow brah, its going to be SSSIIICCCKKK!!!!

nice one RT!!!

R.T. said...

right on. THANKS for helping to get the word out Flying!

THANKS Blackie... Lord knows i need to get wet!

Nolan Sullivan said...

Hello RT!
This video looks fantastic, I am a bit of a surfer fan and a great fan of your work.

In June I mailed you money for Hella's PORTALS, and haven't received any word or information on my status. I have no idea how else to get into contact but this... I hope you can supply me with some information on my order.

Thank You
Nolan Sullivan

R.T. said...

Hi Nolan,

Sorry for lagging on your PORTALS order. Everything in my life, including sleep, has fallen onto the back-burner in my effort to finish "BS!" on deadline schedule. I haven't felt the time to even swing by my PO Box in months. Please bare with me and i'll get your order out. Again, Sorry for the lag-time and lack of communication... i've been in hiding the last few months.

Slowly but Surely,

Nolan said...


Thanks! I finally feel so relieved hearing back from you. The money is all set in the PO Box along with the return adress, so whenever you get a sec I would greatly appreciate it.
I can wait too :)

Thanks for everything and good luck with BS!

Bogus said...

no Santa Barbara love?? brutal!

R.T. said...

totally bogus!!!

Bogus said...

why would you hate on the epicenter of Bogus so hard!

R.T. said...

ha! just to be sure, what i meant by "totally bogus!!!" was... it's totally bogus that there's no premiere goin' down in SB. i don't plan the premieres... i barely have enough time to get the movie done in time for them. so i don't know why no premiere in SB— could be that there wasn't a shop there that could/wanted to do it.

come down to the lido theatre on thursday, july 23rd— it's free, door open at 8pm, movie starts at 8:30.

3459 via lido
newport beach 92663


Bogus said...

i understood.
i will try to make it to that premiere. will you be there?
looks so good!

R.T. said...

thanks. yep, i'll be there. look forward to crossing paths.