Monday, June 23, 2008


Though thoughtless littering will always unnerve me... the next time I get bent into a scrouge mood over things as relatively minor as Summer crowds, Blackball, etc., I'll do my best to remind myself of Wayne's unfettered stoke this morning.



Dr. Robert said...

we privleged ones always have the choice ..and frequently it takes someone with a..."deficiency' to wake us up to that fact.

this guy drop knee turn I've seen in quite a while..

thanking him and you for the inspiration.

Positive always.

R.T. said...

right on, dr. robert! wayne is definitely an inspiration. I met him for the first time today and am hoping to see him more in the lineup.

resintint said...

Thanks for this post r.t.

R.T. said...

de nada on my part. wayne's the man.

Beetlejuice said...


asmith said...

Thanks for posting this. Dr. Robert is right on the money.

Quiver said...

Thanks for the reality check. I've been bumming on the wind, I should just get out there and enjoy.

R.T. said...

de nada, glad my posting it can play a tiny part of passing along Wayne's stoke.