Wednesday, February 27, 2008


While it was fun but slim pickins' for waves this morning with the big swell gone and the new one yet to really fill in, there was a littoral feast of swell battered creatures washing up on the shoreline.


pushingtide said...


pranaglider said...

I usually don't see that one clam (the one with the large siphon) on shore, in one piece. by the time they wash up they are broken up and the soft tissue is gone. Great find! So I have to ask was this catch and release or lunch?

R.T. said...

i was amazed as well by the large quantity such creatures all over the shoreline. especially by the specimen noted by prana-g. in all my years i've never seen the animal that actually lives in those shells that are so frequently found empty on the local beaches. was definitely a moment of child-like fascination when i saw a number of them strewn across the sand.

put it all back on the beach, except the dead sea star... which tasted like a fishy bisquotti.

actually of all the things in that photo that i doubted a seagull would try to eat, it was the sea star. but today i saw a gull having a go at one. there's still a large number of those sea stars all over the shoreline today.

yesterday there was some other stuff that looked like worms encased in thin shells of mucous bound sand. there was so much of it that it looked like piles of brown grass clippings stretching all along the water's edge. pretty much all gone today.